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Leo Horoscope Today – June 20, 2023

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Leo - June 20, 2023

A restless night with little sleep could leave you feeling irritable and unmotivated to socialize today. If possible, Leo, work on assignments alone at home, where you can take a siesta if you so choose. Your focus may not be as strong as usual, but if you isolate yourself from distractions, you should be pleased with the results. In the interim, care for yourself.

Love Horoscopes for Leo

Today’s planetary energy may prove to be unexpected. Your most recent relationship may take a peculiar and unexpected turn that you could not have predicted in any way. If you have been feeling down in the dumps or constrained by circumstances beyond your control, a particular event could be quite liberating in multiple ways. This may be the release you’ve been looking for!

Leo Money

It’s possible that you’ll have to borrow more money than you bring in, but you shouldn’t be too concerned about it because some powerful things are occurring in and around the part of your chart that’s related with sex, death, transformation, and the money of others. Your financial situation receives the much-needed boost it needs as more planets move through their orbits and into your sign. Be kind to yourself and take use of this time to develop plans and establish goals that are necessary.

Leo Health‚Äč

With such powerful celestial energy, you may feel a little feeble of heart today, despite your strong preference for surety. Develop your knowledge and surround yourself with protective elements. This means adhering to your exercise routine and not hiding under the covers due to “market fear!” Stick to your healthy practices – fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water – and get to bed early to enjoy the comfort of your bed!

Leo Career

Many of the accusations pertaining to wild bobs will not be particularly pleasant. Instead of continuing the negative downward spiral of badmouthing others without addressing the core issue, you should approach the source of these falsehoods.

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